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Welcome to Hope's Website!

I'm glad you are choosing to visit! Of course, there's nothing like sitting face to face with another human being and sharing honestly from the heart. But in our fast-paced western world, the web offers us another option [with admitted limitations!] to connect with one another! Let me make a couple of simple suggestions about moving through our website:

Read through our mission statement, values and vision
They were formulated and written - in community - with great care and prayer. They communicate our heart for Jesus Christ, His kingdom and connecting in relationship.

Listen to a message or two on our "Podcast" link
As the senior pastor at Hope, most of the messages are mine. As you listen, I pray that you will sense my personal love for Jesus Christ and His people. 

Go to our "Family Photos" link
Look into the faces of the people. Take a moment to “feel” the pictures…and they will help you to “feel” who we are.

Go to our "Ministries" link
Check out where we might serve you or where you might serve others. Our hope is that this page will help you sense our heart to serve Jesus Christ and the people He calls us to.

Go to our 'Deacons" page
Look into the eyes of the leaders of Hope. We love each other very much and consider it a privilege to serve together. Make sure you read our chairperson’s letter which conveys our vision to lead as servants.

But again, nothing communicates like actual presence. So, I’m asking you to take a Sunday morning and hang out with us in our community. Be with us and among us. One thing I can say for sure about this group of people - there is much honesty and very little pretense in our midst. Most of us have been through enough in life that the veneer has faded. We want to live life as authentically as we can - together - in the name of Jesus.

We love our Lord. We love being together. And we believe that the love our Father has given us for one another will convey to our community that Jesus Christ is the true Lord. [John 13:34-35] We’d love to have you join us. In the meanwhile, know that your Abba Father loves you with His whole heart. And He has promised to never leave you…or forsake you.

I wish you His peace,

Pastor J. Kevin Butcher
Hope Community Church of Detroit