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14456 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48215
(313) 823-8002

Sunday Worship
10:00 am


The Deacons

Couples from left to right (the deacon's name is in bold and their spouse's name is in italics): 
Gerald Holliday
and Monique, Pastor Kevin Butcher and Carla, Pete Farago and Joan,
Joe Herd and Verlona, Audrey Brennan and Kevin, Jim Derbin and Melody, Abel Pegorraro and Marie.
(Not pictured Rita Beale)

The Deacon Board is the core Leadership Team of Hope Community Church.  We exist to encourage believers in their relationship with Jesus Christ, to equip them to stand firm in the storms of life and to empower them to use their God-given gifts in the church and the world for the good of His kingdom. 

In other words, our ministry is to give ministry away - to serve the community of faith by equipping others to serve.  And of course, our hope is that over time we can lead the church into full maturity - to truly become the body of Christ, a sacramental and redemptive picture of Jesus to the world around us.

The details of our responsibility can be seen in our constitution.  [You may obtain a copy of our Constitution and By-Laws by clicking on the links.]  The Deacon Board meets at least twice a month, generally on the first and third Tuesday evenings.  [The schedule is printed in the bulletin.]  Any Hope member is welcome to attend - we simply ask that you call the chairperson (Audrey Brennan) before the meeting to confirm the location and time and make us aware that you are coming.  The minutes from all meetings [including our Family Matters business meetings] are located in the Administrative Assistant's office for review by members at any time.

If you would like to contact us - and especially if you would like us to visit you for encouragement, counsel or prayer - please do so at 313.823.8002 or at deacons@hopedetroit.org. Also, we try to be available after each worship service [our nametags say "deacon"] and our phone numbers are located in the bulletin each week.

We want to serve.  How can we serve you better?

With the blessing of Jesus Christ,

Rita Beale, Audrey Brennan [chair],
J. Kevin Butcher, Jim Derbin, Pete Farago,
Joe Herd, Gerald Holliday and Abel Pegorraro